Com que roupa

What Clothes

In 1930, when he was only 20 years old, the composer, singer, mandolinist, and guitarist Noel Rosa (1910-1937), known as 'The Village Poet', passionate both for samba and for bohemian Rio, recorded this hit that took over the country.

The song's title refers to a Rio de Janeiro slang, which has a meaning similar to “With what money”.

The expression “What clothes” became even more popular when it was repeated at the end of each verse of the composition, inspiring advertisements, chronicles, interviews, parodies, and cartoons.

According to biographers João Máximo and Carlos Didier, Noel Rosa had told his uncle that music was a metaphorical portrait of Brazil in relation to the economic difficulties faced by most of the population, also showing the world crisis scenario in 1929.

Other works by this composer that gained prominence were: “Fita Amarela” (“Yellow Ribbon”), “Conversa de Botequim” (“Bar Talk”), and “Último desejo” (“Last wish”).