Zillor 75 years e Biorigin

Zilor, a Brazilian multinational with 75 years of experience, is one of the main companies in the sugar-energy sector and diversifies its portfolio into two divisions: Agribusiness, operating in the cultivation and processing of sugarcane, for the production of sugar, ethanol and clean and renewable electricity; and Natural Ingredients, operating through the Biorigin unit, specializing in biotechnological processes for the production of options for human food (Food) and animal nutrition (Feed).

The agribusiness division has three production units in Brazil located in the interior of São Paulo, in the cities of Lençóis Paulista, Macatuba, and Quatá; the Biorigin division has two production units, one in Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, and the other one in the United States. Additionally, Biorigin has a Distribution Center in Belgium, which enables the distribution of natural ingredients to more than 60 countries, marking its presence on all continents.

The company stands out for its strength, commitment to sustainable development and trusting relationship with communities through various growth opportunities for employees and projects in areas such as Education, Culture, Sport and Environment, which contribute to social development in the municipalities where it has industrial units.

Zilor 75 years - The energy that drives us to the future!